Album: Fall in Love to This (2017)

Song: Warner Avenue

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Finding inspiration in California's long held tradition of alternative, punk, and hardcore, Dana Point outfit WESTERN DIVIDE releases their debut EP entitled "Fall In Love To This" in spring 2017.

The EP, which has been unanimously praised upon release, flourishes with melodies and songwriting akin to Manchester Orchestra or Wilco, while retaining the energy and candor of punk groups like Title Fight or Touche Amore. We found the EP particularly capturing as the songs are listenable and catchy with diverse instrumentation, yet still raw and vibrant - a balance only mastered by bands like Rancid and Gaslight Anthem.

In its entirety, the album functions as a concept piece illustrating the decay of a relationship, with reprised melodies and interludes joining songs that appear to build upon a continuing theme. This is evidenced with tracks such as "Displacement," a haunting interlude that gives context to the next track "Time and Space," which features chilling interplay between male and female vocalists lamenting long distance love.

For fans of hardcore punk, alternative, and post-hardcore, we highly recommend checking out "Fall in Love to This." IP Review anticipates that WESTERN DIVIDE is about to catch fire.

[4.1. out of 5 Stars]